A Photographic Journey with the Fujifilm XF50mmF2: A Review


The Origin Story

Picture this – I’m in the beautiful city of Prague, my trusted Fujifilm XT-2 body acting up, prompting me to embark on a 2km trek from my hotel to the Fujifilm store. The route is nothing short of magical, the Charles Bridge beneath my feet, the astronomical clock ticking away in the background.

The store visit turned into quite an adventure. Not only did the friendly staff resolve my issue, but I also got a sneak peek at the GFX50s and its trio of lenses, freshly announced at that time. Amidst all this excitement, my eyes fell on the Fujifilm XF50mmF2 – an eccentric member of the Fujifilm lens family, one I hadn’t imagined owning.

Testing it in the store sparked an unexpected fondness in me. A part of me yearned to complete my collection of compact Fujinon F2 lenses, already boasting of the XF23mmF2 and XF35mmF2. A bigger part was intrigued by the lens’s potential for capturing candid shots in its small form factor. So, I did the unthinkable – I bought it!

Breaking Down the Basics

Before we delve deeper, let’s understand the basics. A 50mm lens on a crop sensor translates to 75mm on a full-sized sensor, not a typical focal length for a prime lens. But then again, who said I was typical?

The Fujifilm XF50mmF2, akin to its brethren in my collection, feels sturdy and solid. Despite its unique focal length and maximum aperture, the lens is surprisingly compact and lightweight.

The Technicalities

First things first, the XF50mmF2 deviates from its siblings, the 23mmF2 and 35mmF2, with a slightly larger diameter of 46mm.

Moving on to the heart of the matter – photography. The lens left me impressed with its sharp autofocus speed and high resolution, even at its maximum aperture. Furthermore, the lens exhibits superb color rendering and micro-contrast, adding a professional flair to your shots.

In Action: Norway and Cinque-Terre

Remember the time I was in Norway? Well, the XF50mmF2 had been my companion then. The details captured in a single frame – the intricate patterns of a spiderweb, the minute textures on a lantern – were simply spectacular.

In Cinque-Terre, Italy, the lens once again proved its mettle. The color rendition and micro-contrast in my candid shot of a fellow photographer were truly eye-catching. However, this story also comes with a word of caution – always be extra careful when changing your filters in travel photography. I learned it the hard way when my pricey variable ND filter met its unfortunate demise on the rocky terrain below.


Closing Thoughts

In the end, the XF50mmF2 met my expectations, albeit not quite reaching the zenith of my lens hierarchy. I still find myself reaching out for the XF35mmF2 more often, especially for street photography during my travels.

However, that’s not to undermine the XF50mmF2. It’s a wonderful piece of gear, technologically sound, and delivers exceptional image quality. It just so happens that it’s not my

preferred focal length. But it does come handy occasionally for achieving subject separation and taking macro-style shots.


  1. Why did you purchase the Fujifilm XF50mmF2 lens?
    Despite being an unconventional choice, I purchased the Fujifilm XF50mmF2 lens to complete my collection of compact Fujinon F2 lenses and explore its potential for capturing candid shots in its small form factor.


The Fujifilm XF50mmF2 lens is a unique addition to any photographer’s gear. Though it may not be the most used lens in my collection, it has proven its worth in certain situations, like achieving subject separation and capturing detailed macro-style shots. Its excellent autofocus speed, high resolution, and superb color rendering make it a commendable choice for any photography enthusiast.