Essence of landscape photography
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Why Bother Landscape Photography | Does Anyone Care?

Essence of landscape photography

The Essence of Landscape Photography: A Personal Perspective

As a landscape photographer, a question that inevitably arises is – why engage in landscape photography?

We, as humans, often seek a compelling ‘WHY’ for our actions. If you engage in this art form sporadically, perhaps every week or two, the answer is straightforward – it’s simply a hobby. However, for those consistently absorbed in landscape photography, a range of questions may surface:

Is It Just About Capturing a Well-Known Place?

Consider the landscape you’re about to capture is a renowned location. It’s likely been photographed countless times by photographers of various skill levels. With such competition, why bother?

Reports suggest that about 1.8 billion digital images were captured daily in 2014, according to The Atlantic. This number escalated to around 1.4 trillion by 2020, as per As someone with a background in medical sciences research, I have a fair understanding of statistics. Although they have played a pivotal role in propelling humanity forward, they can also discourage one from initiating new ventures. While statistics don’t lie, the way they’re presented can significantly influence your outlook.

Creating a stunning landscape image demands time, effort, and dedication. However, many of these images end up on Instagram, where they receive a fleeting glance before they’re swiftly scrolled past. Additionally, discussions about the ‘saturated market’ can further discourage passionate photographers from continuing with landscape photography.

Understanding ‘Results’ in Photography: A Shift in Perspective

While I could address and counter each of these points, it would necessitate an entire book – a project I’m currently not inclined towards. Most of these negative thoughts stem from a singular factor: the need to redefine ‘Results’ in the context of photography.

The ultimate goal of photography isn’t necessarily to produce a sellable image or garner widespread ‘likes.’ Landscape photography offers so much more – it instills a sensation of being present, of observing, and seeking out patterns or forms within the landscape. As I’ve often emphasized throughout this blog, the feeling of presence and connection to the universe is profoundly transformative – a pursuit for many enlightenment seekers throughout history.

By shifting your focus from the end product to the process, landscape photography can help you appreciate beauty everywhere and serve as an impetus for exploration. It goes beyond the final image – it’s about personal transformation. This approach can significantly enhance the quality of your images, but consider that as an added benefit.

So, why do I engage in landscape photography? The answer is simple – it’s for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I continue with landscape photography in a saturated market?
    Landscape photography is a transformative journey that enhances your ability to appreciate beauty and encourages exploration. Don’t let market saturation deter you from experiencing the rewards of this art form.
  2. Is the ultimate goal of photography to create a sellable image or gain ‘likes’?
    While these can be part of the process, the truly transformative aspects of landscape photography lie in the journey and the connection it fosters with the universe.
  3. Why do people engage in landscape photography?
    People are drawn to landscape photography for a variety of reasons – the exploration it prompts, the beauty it captures, and the transformative journey it offers. It’s a deeply personal and subjective experience.


The ‘why’ of landscape photography extends far beyond the creation of sellable images or social media likes. It’s about the journey, the exploration it fosters, and the personal transformation it facilitates. When approached with this mindset, landscape photography can truly be a profoundly rewarding experience.